Who We Are

Connecting All Your Financial
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RioPay is India’s one of the easiest payments platforms that offer a one-stop solution for multiple payments.
It provides a transparent/secure stand to empower businesses, entrepreneurs/traders help individuals to meet their banking needs.

Purpose of RioPay

RioPay came into existence as one of the fastest and safest banking service providers in India. We intend to bring easy, reliable, secure, and seamless services for the end-users. We are dedicated to bringing financial inclusion across the country by providing quality financial services to each and every one. Above all, we believe to connect the banking industry with technology and promoting digital payments through our user-friendly mobile application.

Picture of India in The Years to Come

We don’t just provide financial services but also, offer numerous earning opportunities for jobless, startups, and small businesses like retail stores. We see that everyone will have easy access to their bank accounts from their doorsteps. Merchant/traders will become banking service providers and earn extra income on every transaction as commission along with their existing business. As we believe change is possible that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

What We DO

RioPay Offerings

utility bill payments, and more through various modes such as AePS (using Aadhaar), Micro ATM (using a debit card), BBPS for bill payments, DMT for money transfer from a single mobile application.

Micro ATM is a device that offers basic banking services anytime, anywhere by any retail shop owner through an easily operable, instant payments app i.e., RioPay. Micro ATM has been proved to be a boon for the rural and remote areas where banks and large ATMs are hard to reach. It provides convenience and overcomes the issues of cash withdrawal.

AePs is Aadhaar enabled payment system that gives us an easy banking experience using an aadhaar authentication and mobile phone installed RioPay – The Reliable Payments App. With the use of this app transactions from many government schemes like social security pension, old age pension, etc. can also be performed with so much ease.

We at RioPay offer an instant money transfer facility within the country without going to the bank, through an innovative mobile application via the nearest DMT service provider. You can also become a RioPay money transfer agent and provide this amazing service to your customers from your retail shop with less investmen

Are you tired of traveling long distances and managing your utility bill payments by standing in long queues? RioPay is the solution for this inconvenience. We will bring a friendly service provider to your neighbourhood who will help to remind you about your due bill payments, help you to pay on time, and offers you a smooth payment experience with our exclusive service i.e., Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

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Why RioPay
Should be Preferred?

  • Designed to simplify the payments process
  • Permits all bank account holders to go with easy and fastest growing app
  • Support system available 24/7 via SMS, emails & phone calls
  • Supports instant settlement and offers maximum commission
  • Providers extra income opportunities along with existing business
  • Promotes digital banking to encourage financial inclusion

3 Easy Steps to Go with RioPay

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You can easily download the app from the google play store.

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You can fill in the required details and register yourself to get a free ID

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Enjoy offering financial services to your customers & earn commission

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