Micro ATM is a device that offers basic banking services anytime, anywhere by any retail shop owner through an easily operable, instant payments app i.e., RioPay. Micro ATM has been proved to be a boon for the rural and remote areas where banks and large ATMs are hard to reach. It provides convenience and overcomes the issues of cash withdrawal.


AePs is Aadhaar enabled payment system that gives us an easy banking experience using an aadhaar authentication and mobile phone installed RioPay – The Reliable Payments App. With the use of this app transactions from many government schemes like social security pension, old age pension, etc. can also be performed with so much ease.


Are you tired of traveling long distances and managing your utility bill payments by standing in long queues? RioPay is the solution for this inconvenience. We will bring a friendly service provider to your neighbourhood who will help to remind you about your due bill payments, help you to pay on time, and offers you a smooth payment experience with our exclusive service i.e., Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)


We at RioPay offer an instant money transfer facility within the country without going to the bank, through an innovative mobile application via the nearest DMT service provider. You can also become a RioPay money transfer agent and provide this amazing service to your customers from your retail shop with less investment

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